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Research & Development

Scientific Background

Quotes of Key Opinion Leaders in the field of NAFLD/NASH:

“The importance of the metabolic syndrome lies in its causative role and association with the worldwide epidemics of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and NAFLD.” McCullough A.J. J Digest Dis 2011; 12:333-340

“Beyond damage to the liver, steatosis can also worsen and/or induce insulin resistance, worsen glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes, and predict subsequent development of the metabolic syndrome; it is also associated with increased cardiovascular risk and events and with essential arterial hypertension.” Ratziu V. et al. J Hepatology 2010; 53:372-384

“All patients with NAFLD should be screened for cardiovascular risk, and assessment should be periodically repeated (1–2 years) depending on the clustering of risk factors.” Ratziu V. et al. J Hepatology 2010; 53:372-384

“These observations raise the possibility that NAFLD not only is a marker of cardiovascular disease but also may be involved in its pathogenesis.” Targher G. et al. NEJM 2010.363:1341-50

“NAFLD but not metabolic syndrome retained a statistically significant correlation with cardiovascular disease in a multivariate model.” Hamaguchi M. et al; World J Gastroenterol 2007;13(10): 1579

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